What does Panama for Life do?

Back in 2006 Panama Portfolio was established. A group of foreign investors bought a wide portfolio of beautiful land in Panama. We can honestly say that, as ex-pats who moved to Panama to manage these properties, we have learned a lot over the last 14 years.

These lessons learned in a combination with the pause forced upon us by Covid have given us the opportunity to reflect. We realize in the past we have over-promised, by expecting zoning, permit, development, and construction processes in Panama would go as fast and smooth as we were used to in the West. This was not the case, and we sincerely apologize to clients possibly affected by this.

It has become clearer than ever that the majority of the clients that are buying in our communities come to realize their dream, to start a new life, in a new country. It is our passion to help you realize that dream. For this reason, we have selected within our company a team of people, with that same passion. This team will start dedicating full-time to helping you realize your dream. Under the reigns of Panama Portfolio, a new company is born: Panama for Life.
Panama for Life’s prime focus is helping you choose the lifestyle that fits you best, and making the transition of moving into Panama as smooth as can be.
With the lessons learned within Panama Portfolio over the past 14 years, Panama for Life’s mission will be to take you by the hand and guide you into a new lifestyle that makes you happy.
For this reason, Panama for Life has partnered up with a handful of pre-selected reliable and knowledgeable alliance partners. From the attorneys that take care of your immigration to assistants that help you open your bank accounts and insurance brokers choosing the best health insurance. In addition, we work with pre-qualified architects and builders that help you realize your dream home. Panama for life will represent you to get your things done in Panama for you. You will be assigned one point of contact from the contract to the key of your new home.
At Panama for Life, we currently offer 3 different lifestyles; beach, mountain, and lake in our developed communities across Panama:
Moving into a new lifestyle in a new country has never been as easy. It’s our passion to help you choose the lifestyle that fits you best, and to make that transition as smooth as possible. Therefore all home prices in the communities we offer include services, such as immigration, setting up a bank account, expert attorneys guiding your property transfer, architect and interior design advice, and much more! At Gatun Lake Farms these services are included in the farm price.