The privileged lifestyle of Lake Gatún

The lifestyle of Gatun Lake is absolutely different from what you can experience in the city. Surrounded by nature, comfort and good weather, Lake Gatún is one of the best places to live in harmony with the environment and at a temperature of between 20 and 30 ºC throughout the year.Why choose Lago Gatun Fincas to live?

Surrounded by native nature, in an incomparable setting of quiet and safe from urban stress, Lago Gatun Fincas offers the possibility of enjoying every morning the song of the birds, the whisper of the wind against the leaves of the trees, as well as a benevolent and comforting climate. Buying land or fincas in Panama allows you to have a large place to rest from the noise and environmental pollution that are frequent in the metropolis.

Scientific studies affirm the relationship between pathologies and environmental pollution. Precisely, research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences carried out by scientists Xin Zhang, Xi Chen and Xiaobo Zhang, affirms that there is a significant relationship between environmental pollution and cognitive performance.

Environmental pollution can cause cognitive decline, which is a highly significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s and different forms of dementia. Therefore, living in a natural environment without noise can improve the quality of life.

A safe and long-term investment

Buying property in Panama implies an important investment in the long term, since the quality of life that can be obtained is really significant if one takes into account the degree of sustainability that it has.

Panama Portfolio is a real estate company in Panama with a broad interest in sustainability. Breathing pollution-free air is one of the challenges that world leaders are facing.

Panama Portfolio is one of the real estate companies in Panama that has a great variety of exclusive properties where you can build different types of properties near the lake, to live a unique experience. Acquiring any of the properties for sale in Panama gives a different life expectancy to that of large cities, where pollution significantly reduces the wellbeing of the individual in its different stages of life.

Why live near the lake?

Having the possibility of buying the fincas near the lake in Panama substantially improves the quality of life. Being away from the noise pollution of the city, it is feasible to have an absolutely restful rest.

The lake, also, offers the tranquility and harmony that is needed during the vacation period or final retreat. Real estate near the lake and or the sea (water) is the most demanded market, due to the natural beauty they offer.

One of the rural communities in Panama with the most projection to the future is the Lago Gatun Fincas, because it gives sustainability the importance it has. A house near the lake for sale is a possibility to enjoy a comfortable routine, away from the city and in harmony with nature.

By acquiring a farm at Lago Gatun Fincas you can access different types of outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, fishing, and sailing on the lake. Precisely, due to its proximity to Barro Colorado Island, you can access a tour of the Natural Monument of Barro Colorado (MNBC).

Sustainable Fincas that thinks about the future

Lago Gatun Fincas in Panama takes into account the new needs that will make it an absolutely sustainable place, in harmony with the environment, always taking care of nature. The new fincas in Panama will make the difference between health and disease, as various scientific studies have argued.

The communities of fincas in Lago Gatun Fincas are planned so that climate change and environmental pollution, which is suffered on a global scale, is not an inconvenience. Precisely, they are sustainable fincas, always protecting the environment and also in an absolutely paradisiacal environment.

The Villas de Gatún in Panama will have Villas with solar panels, which reduces the impact on the environment and allows greater energy independence. The fincas for sale in Panama, integrated into the Lago Gatun Fincas, is located in a rural community in Lake Gatún; therefore, it has a splendid view, since it is surrounded by an incomparable natural environment.

Climate change and environmental pollution are undeniable, therefore, buying any of the fincas for sale in Panama is an excellent alternative to have a second home or to become the ultimate place of retirement.

Finally, it is important to mention that if an owner of different fincas in Panama wants to build the house of his dreams, the company will take care of everything necessary, including visa services in Panama. In this way, the dream of having your large farm in Panama will not be impossible or difficult to materialize.