Bidding Starts for the construction of the dock in Puerto Armuelles

On August 2, the bidding for the construction of the new Fiscal Dock of Puerto Armuelles, in the province of Chiriquí, will begin. This was announced by the President of the Republic of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, after conducting a working tour in this area of the country.

The project, which is valued at approximately 20 million dollars, contemplates the construction of a pier approximately 750 meters long, with a capacity to receive vessels of 100 meters in length (length) and a draft or depth of approximately 7 to 8 meters.

The project includes the following:  

  • The construction of a two-story building that will house the Seafood Market and the Administrative Offices of the AMP (Maritime Authorities of Panama). The Seafood Market will be located on the first floor. Fishermen will be able to sell their products directly to the consumer; in this way, the fisherman will earn more for his product and the consumer will obtain a fresher product at a lower cost.
  • The restoration of the existing (old) pier, turning it into a tourist boardwalk. This means that the current dock will be maintained, not for operations, but as a tourist attraction since its influence is so significant in the history of Puerto Armuelles. The pier will allow locals and tourists to fish and take pictures.
  • The construction of the new international tax dock in Puerto Armuelles will consist of a first bridge that will connect the mainland with the first platform, where fishermen will be able to arrive and unload the products from their vessels. A second bridge will be built that goes from the platform of the fishermen to an industrial passenger dock. This floating dock will allow up to one hundred passengers, vessels of up to forty-five (45) meters in the inner part. The outer part of the dock allows the unloading of tuna boats, shrimp boats, and containers, depending on the size of the ship. 

We are excited for this new development by the AMP since it will be directly contributing to economic growth in Puerto Armuelles.